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IEEC Electronics Packaging services, resources and support

The Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC), a New York State Center for Advanced Technology, conducts leading edge research in electronics packaging. This field deals with the process of bringing a semiconductor chip, with its resident circuitry, to a form that can be integrated effectively into a larger microelectronics assembly. Research areas include electrical, mechanical and thermal analysis and testing; solder analysis and testing, underfill science; micromechanics; photomechanics; failure mechanism determination; acceleration factor determination; electronic materials; TSVs and the development of new tools and techniques to analyze electonic systems.

The IEEC provides a variety of services, resources and support to the packaging industry, fostering economic development and strengthening the electronics packaging industry in New York State and the United States.

Programs Offered:
The IEEC offers the following programs:
  • An Electronic Packaging Internet Forum: An information exchange and discussion on electronics packaging products and technologies. The operation of the forum is based on electronic mail and Internet communications
  • Technical Product Analysis Facility Equipment resources: Laboratory facilities equipped for analyzing electronics packaging technology products. The facilities are useful for performing physical chemical, surface, and electronic analysis of products and materials. They are available for use by local small- and medium-sized businesses engaged in electronics packaging. Services provided include:
    • Measurement of Material Properties
    • Use of instruments for design and testing
    • Skill and advice in operating equipment and facilities
    • Product Analysis.
  • Electronics packaging library resources: A small but highly focused electronics packaging technical library that contains over 150 of the latest texts and references on packaging technology. Resources available include:
    • Publications covering topics from design to reliability and from process to manufacturing technologies
    • Periodicals including technical and trade journals; Recently published technical papers
    • Video tapes including IPC training tapes, and packaging-related lectures and symposia
    • Reports, market analysis data and professional society publications.
  • Electronics packaging symposium: an annual event to provide communication and educational opportunities for scholars/practitioners in the field of electronics packaging.
  • Electronics packaging small business start-up support: Resources and support for small businesses about to enter the electronics packaging industry.
  • Electronics packaging on-site workshops and presentations: Resources and speakers for on-site workshops and presentations.

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