Congratulations to Yippie Cayuga Motherblocker (Coed Comp), Delta Sigma Pi (Coed Rec), and The Spartans (Mens) on winning our Intramural Volleyball Fall 2013 Championships!


Coed Comp

Yippie Cayuga Motherblocker (Coed Comp)





The Spartans (Mens)




Coed Rec

Delta Sigma Pi (Coed Rec)




Fall 2013 Registration Information:

  • Registration is over.

Please review the Rules and Policies.



Fall 2013 Playoff Brackets

Men's Playoff Bracket

Coed Comp Playoff Bracket

Coed Rec Playoff Bracket


Fall 2013 League Schedules

Sunday Men's League

Sunday Coed Comp League

Sunday Coed Rec League

Monday Coed Rec League

Tuesday Coed Rec League

*All games, days, and times are final



Volleyball 2013 Standings

Last Updated: 3/14/14