Soup and Sandwich Saturday

All Saints Episcopal Church Soup and Sandwich Saturday

Long-Term Project

Date and Location
01/01/2013 - 12/31/2017
Days of Work: Saturday
Time(s) of Day: Morning, Afternoon
Address: All Saints Episcopal Church
475 Main St. Johnson City, NY 13790

Project Details
Project Category: Service (Unpaid)
Weekly Hours: 1-5
People Needed: 3-5
Seeking: No Preference
Project Description

Soup and Sandwich Saturday provides a free meal to anyone who wishes to come. The meal is served from Noon to One PM every Saturday. We serve a choice of two soups, sandwiches, and dessert. We also try to provide fresh fruit and vegetables (salads or cut up vegetables) as available. The purpose of our program is to provide both a meal and socialization to all who come. We serve restaurant style to honor the dignity of our guests. We have chosen to do this on a Saturday because we feel that this is a day when school lunches are not available. We choose the noon meal because we feel that people would fell safe walking or riding the bus to our program. We also felt that our time frame would be best for our volunteer base. As we are currently set-up, we have four teams each with a captain. Each team serves once a month. The captain is responsible for the planning and coordination of what is served and also assigning tasks to volunteers. Volunteers cook, serve, and clean-up. The approximate time frame is 9:30 AM to 2:30PM. Volunteers serve for the whole 4 hours or take part in a specific task during that time, thus cutting down on the hours they are engaged each week. Our kitchen is small, so we can accommodate up to 4 SUNY volunteers at a time. Volunteers can join one of the teams or work on a one time basis. Campus organizations may also sign up to work specific weeks during the time classes are in session. We have had SUNY volunteers for the length of our program and we look forward to meeting new students or staff volunteers.

Training Required: NO
Immunization Proof: NO
Application Needed: NO
Other Requirements

People who come to volunteer should wear a hat such as a baseball cap. Aprons are optional, but many prefer to use them to protect their clothing.

Project Contact Information
Project Contact

Contact Name
Debbie Thorpe (Program Coordinator)



Mailing Address
405 Bundy Circle
Endwell, NY

Additional Contact

Contact Name
The Rev. Christine Day (Priest)



Mailing Address
475 Main St.
Johnson City, NY 13790

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All Saints Episcopal Church Soup and Sandwich Saturday

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