Funding Opportunities

Financial Aid for graduate students is available in the form of research assistantships, teaching assistantships, fellowships, grants, loans and work-study.

Teaching Assistantships: The Department of Computer Science awards approximately 30 teaching assistantships each year. Incoming students may apply for these assistantships on the Graduate Admissions application form; no separate form is required. To insure consideration for the fall semester, all admissions credentials should be received in Binghamton by Feb. 15. Current students may apply for teaching assistantships by filing an application with the CS department office in the middle of the preceding semester.

Research Assistantships: A number of research assistantships are available each year. Individual faculty members with research support select recipients of these research assistantships.

SPIR Internships: The Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence is a program within the Watson School in which students are granted internships to work with local companies to fund and enhance their educational studies. Current students may apply for internships directly through the SPIR office; your talents and expertise will be matched with the needs of current participating companies.

Linux Technology Center (LTC): In March 2006, the University officially launched the Binghamton University Linux Technology Center. The LTC "will be devoted to research in the design and use of open computing and Linux systems and applications. It will offer local and regional businesses assistance in developing semi-custom solutions while providing unique research and educational opportunities to University faculty and students." The LTC will provide opportunities for an increasing number of CS graduate and undergraduate students (along with students from other departments) to help fund their education while simultaneously enhancing and applying their Linux and open source computing skills. More information about the goals of the LTC can be found in the University's official press release.

Scholarships: The Watson School offers a number of different academic scholarships.

Grants, Loans, Work-Study: You may request information on these types of financial aid from the Student Financial Aid and Employment Office here at Binghamton University.

Last Updated: 1/15/14