Susan M. Seibold-SimpsonSeibold_Simpson_Sue

Assistant Professor

AB 345
Decker School of Nursing
Binghamton University
Phone: (607) 777-5841

Susan Seibold-Simpson is an Assistant Professor at the Decker School of Nursing. She received her BS (Major in Nursing, 1983) and MS (Major in Family Nursing, 1988) from SUNY Binghamton and became a family nurse practitioner in 1988. She received her Master of Public Health (Health Policy and Management) in 2000 from SUNY-Albany. She received her PhD in Health Practice Research from the University of Rochester in 2009.

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Research Interests:

  • Reproductive Health
  • Public/Community Health
  • Adolescent Health
  • Social Capital/ Social Justice

Dr. Seibold-Simpson has several projects that she is involved in currently (Winter 2015). At Binghamton University, she is collaborating with Drs. Pam Mischen (Public Administration) and Leo Wilton (Human Development) on a study involving adolescent health behaviors and positive youth development. Additionally, she is working with Drs. Sean Massey (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies ), David Sloan Wilson (Biology), Richard Kauffman (Biology), and Tania Alameda-Lawson (Social Work) on the Binghamton Neighborhood Project, which is working towards improving prosociality in our city. She works with Drs. Sean Massey, Ann Merriwether, and Justin Garcia on topics associated with casual sex in emerging adults and is part of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Sexuality Studies. She also works with Dr. Sean Massey and Dr. Dara Silberstein (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) on the Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project.

She is also working with the University of Rochester as part of the evaluation team for the City of Rochester's Federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention project.

Clinical Interests:

  • Reproductive Health


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