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Utility failure


For all utility emergencies, notify Physical Facilities at 777-2226 weekdays and 777-2341 evenings, weekends and holidays. At any time, you may notify University Police 911 (from a campus phone) or 777-2393 (from any phone).

Evacuate the building if the fire alarm sounds and/or upon notification by authorized personnel.

Power Outage

A major power outage may not in itself be destructive, but it may result in a panic or fire which could endanger life and property. Panic can be partially avoided by an immediate decision on the need to cancel classes or meetings in progress or to evacuate the building.

In laboratory buildings, fume hoods do not operate during a power outage and most laboratories should not be used until the ventilation is properly restored. Laboratory personnel should secure experiments or activities that may present a danger when the electrical power is off or when it is restored unexpectedly. Close sashes on fume hoods and clean up or put away chemicals. Do not perform procedures using hazardous materials until power is restored.

Flooding or Water Break

Gas Leak

Elevator failure

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Last Updated: 7/16/12