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Annex G - Campus Evacuation Priority List


This policy shall provide guidance during a partial or full scale campus evacuation. Evacuating the entire Binghamton University campus will require a massive coordinated effort between the University's Incident Management Team, campus resources, and Broome County resources. This policy does not seek to be an end-all plan but a framework that aids the Incident Management Team's decision making process. Due to the extreme differences an emergency incident may have, a framework will allow the Incident Management Team to have an understanding of exactly what will be needed to evacuate the campus in the quickest and safest way possible and who exactly are the University's most vulnerable population.

Evacuation Priorities

Binghamton University functions much like a small municipality on a day to day basis. At any given time the University may have a population ranging from children as young as one years old to senior citizens. For this reason, as well as the sheer size of the University, a full campus evacuation will require a massive coordinated effort of several county agencies and campus departments. Below is a list of populations on campus requiring increased support from the Incident Management Team during an evacuation. The list is in decreasing priority:

The Incident Management Team shall work in conjunction with University Police and Services for Students with Disabilities to ensure students living on the Binghamton University campus with a disability that would make it difficult for them to evacuate on their own receive the help they require.

The Institute for Child Development and the Campus Preschool have developed their own evacuation plans and procedures given their knowledge of their own populations. The Incident Management Team shall provide these departments with the transportation resources they require to carry out these plans. Below is a list of populations that will require increased transportation resources during an evacuation.

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Last Updated: 4/7/14