To:           The Faculty Senate and Voting Faculty

From:       Prof. Richard Eckert, Chair


Date:        October 5, 2000

The second Faculty Senate meeting of the 2000-2001 academic year will be held on Tuesday, October 10, at 11:45 a.m. in UU-221B.

The agenda is:

1) Approval of minutes of September 26

2) Announcements/Questions

3) New Business

    a) Interim Report of the Provost's Advisory Task Force on the Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes and an Executive Summary (documents no longer available on SUNY Provost's web site)

    b) Approval of following resolution regarding Assessment from Faculty Senate Executive Committee: The Faculty Senate of the State University of New York at Binghamton welcomes the opportunity and challenge, presented by the Provost's Advisory Task Force on the Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes, to critically examine how we assess the effectiveness of General Education and Majors. On the one hand, the report of the Task Force emphasizes the need for individual campuses to design and implement assessment, but the report also insists that a University-wide assessment is necessary as well. We agree with the SUNY Faculty Senate resolution of April 29 that campus-based assessment is appropriate and should be the principal focus of SUNY's assessment initiative. Uniform assessment instruments of necessity would ignore the diversity of missions, academic disciplines, and students among the SUNY campuses, which is precisely the strength of campus-based assessment. We are confident that sufficient information would be available through analysis of campus-based assessment results to meet the dual functions of improvement and accountability.