September 1, 2000

To: Faculty Senate

From: Mary Ann Swain, Chair, Academic Computing and Educational Technology Committee

ACET Annual Report 1999-2000

Research II Subcommittee: This subcommittee, chaired by Steve Dickman, drafted a report with recommendations that will significantly improve the computational and technological environment for research and other scholarly activities of Binghamton University faculty. The full text of the report can be found at The committee’s recommendations include:

* additional consulting staff with expertise in statistical applications, computer programs, and computer systems.

* expanded facilities

* state-of-the-art high-performance computers

* modem lines dedicated to research use, and

* refinements to computing Services, Libraries and Research Office operations.

Long-Range Information Technology Plan Subcommittee: Mark Reed, Associate Vice President for Computing and Educational Technology, chaired the subcommittee to revise Binghamton’s Long Range Information Technology Plan. The current plan, adopted in Spring 1997, and the Spring 2000 draft revision are available at The Plan’s major objectives for the next five years are to employ Information Technology to:

* maintain and improve current services and resources

* improve and expand technical support for customers

* complete, maintain and upgrade the campus network

* build a collaborative, networked, work environment

* enhance the University’s educational technology offerings

* improve our research support capability

* improve and enhance the University’s business information systems

* assist in reengineering the University’s operational functions

Binghamton University Computer and Network Usage Policy. The ACET Committee reviewed and approved a Computer and Network Usage Policy that requires each faculty member, staff member, student, and other authorized user comply with institutional and external standards for appropriate use. The text of the policy can be found at

Teaching Subcommittee. The Chair of this subcommittee, Wayne Jones, was on sabbatical this Spring, and work will continue during the 2000-2001 academic year.

ACET members: Mary Ann Swain (Chair), Michael Scullard, Mark Reed, Albert Dekin, Steven Dickman, Kanad Ghose, Wayne Jones, Jonathan Biggers. Instruction and Research Subcommittee: Manoj Agarwal, Albert Dekin, Steven Dickman (Chair), Kanad Ghose, Richard Pastore, Christopher Anderson, Jonathan Biggers, Stephen Gilje. Educational Technology Subcommittee: Elizabeth Brown, Wayne Jones (Chair), Meredeth Rowe, David Anderson, Jeffrey Donahue, James Wolf.