Budget Review Committee Annual Report, 1999-2000


During the fall semester, 1999, the Budget Review Committee was chaired by Manoj Agarwal of the School of Management. During the spring semester, the committee was chaired by George McKee of the Library.

There were four meetings with during the spring. Subjects of discussion included: (1) a final clarification of the 1999-2000 budget with special attention to shortfalls in Academic Affairs, (2) implications of the Governor's proposed budget (2000/2001) for SUNY and for Binghamton, (3) priorities and planning for the 2000-2001 budget for Academic Affairs, and (4) review of the recent expenditure of funds attributed to sate accounts, the BU Foundation and the SUNY Research Foundation.

The Committee has not met following the final allocation of state funds, announced in the BU Inside 22 June; however, the figures here quoted (5.1% increase) appear to be only slightly less than those anticipated in the Trustees budget, announced in the Inside of 2 December 1999 (5.8% increase). These increments include the funding of salary increases mandated by the Legislature.

According my notes from Committee discussions, there is considerable pressure on the budget of 2000/2001, related to: (a) a funding increase to the Library ($250,000), (b) increased graduate student stipends ($100,000), (c) an anticipated maintenance cost of the NYSEG building complex (if its acquisition were to be authorized by local real estate interests) ($2-400,000), (d) the 1999-2000 overage ($1 million), and (e) miscellaneous other increases, not previously accounted ($250,000).

This arrearage of app. $2 million at the beginning of the budgetary year, in a year when campus budgetary reserves are already seriously depleted, is considered to be a relatively serious budgetary predicament.

George McKee

24 Aug. 2000

Committee Members (Spring):

Eugene Klimko

Michael Scullard

Gale Spencer

Mary Ann Swain

Tim Perry

Monica Miller Marsh

Johannes VanHoff

George McKee

Michael McGoff