To: Colleagues and Members of the Faculty Senate

From: C. Beth Burch, Chair

Convocations Committee

Date: 10 July 2000

Subject: Annual Report of the Convocations Committee


I respectfully submit a report of the activities of the University Convocations Committee, as articulated in the Faculty By-Laws. In this report you will find information about the members of the Convocations Committee, the meetings we held during academic year 1999-2000, and the accomplishments of the Committee during that time.

Members of the Convocations Committee

The faculty and staff members of the Convocations Committee are Jane Connor, professor, Psychology; David Hagerbaumer, Director of Campus Activities and Orientation; Maureen White, Executive Assistant to the President; Ira Tolbert, Office of the Provost; Dr. Gary Truce, professor, Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics, and myself, Dr. C. Beth Burch, associate professor of English Education (SEHD). No student member was appointed for this academic year.

Meetings During Academic Year 1999-2000

The Convocations Committee met once during the academic year on December 4 and conducted all its remaining business via e-mail because of the difficulty of finding mutually agreeable meeting times.

Accomplishments for 1999-2000

The Convocations Committee supported several campus organizations in their efforts to bring speakers and presenters to Binghamton University. Here is a list of the speakers or groups whose appearance the Committee helped to fund:

Thurgood Marshall Law Society

Margaret Lowman (for Honors Day)

Writing by Degrees Conference (Creative Writing)

Phi Beta Kappa Distinguished Lecture by Matt Cartmill

Cayuga Hall of CIW for presentation by Algirdas Patackas of the Lithuanian Parliament

If you have any questions concerning this report, please contact me at 74697.