To: Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Faculty Senate

From: Masha Britten, Chair, 1999-2000 Faculty Senate Educational Opportunity Program Advisory Committee

Subject: Annual Report EOP Advisory Committee 1999-2000

Date: September 11, 2000

The EOP Committee met as a whole twice in the fall semester and seven times during the spring semester. Individual committee members also met with student groups and with other members of the faculty and administration to hear concerns and propose actions. The committee continues to serve as an exchange point of information and a forum where issues of importance for EOP, staff, faculty and student concerns can be heard and discussed. During the year, the Committee met with a group of "Concerned Faculty" who became the Student/Faculty Ad Hoc Committee on EOP at SUNY-

Binghamton, additional student groups and Rodger Summers, Vice President for Student Affairs. EOP Staff members and concerned faculty and students also attended many meetings.

The following items and concerns were heard by the Committee and discussed:

1) Curricular Related

Effectiveness and direction of EOP Program

Changes in the BEP Program

Addition of Math Requirement for all students in BEP

Content and pedagogical issues and changes in emphasis re: English and Writing Skills

Evaluation of EOP and BEP Program - process and data

Question of the role and function of the EOP Advisory Committee in relation to review of EOP Activities and BEP

2) Student Related

Trends in Admission - retention and - graduation of EOP students

Trends re: Qualities and abilities of EOP students in general and in class

Trends re: tutoring and counseling for EOP students

Student Participation in EOP

3) Other

Process and procedure for hiring of BEP Instructors and Tutors

(For a detailed report, please see the minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting for May 9, 2000 available at

After review and analysis, the Committee took the following actions made in the form of recommendations. These were voted unanimously:

The EOP Advisory Committee of the Faculty Senate recommends to the Vice President for Student Affairs that an external evaluation of the total EOP Program be conducted during the fall semester, 2000.

The EOP Advisory Committee will collaborate with the Vice President for Student Affairs in developing the key aspects of the review to ensure that all voices are heard and all evaluative data are presented.

The EOP Advisory Committee recommends that the Director of EOP work with students to develop a model for bringing valid and timely student input into all EOP matters consistent with the proposal of the Student Review Board, and to report back to this Committee at the first meeting in the fall.

In addition the Committee supported the initiatives made by EOP to increase the success of EOP students in meeting the General Education Requirements in Science- Mathematics- Mathematics Reasoning.

Plans for the year 2000-2001 include:

Participation in the External Review

Development of a program to support the transition of students from BEP to Binghamton University

Review of procedures for student participation in EOP matters

Review of evaluative data

Identification of grant opportunities which support EOP students

Development of a current fact sheet and the Newsletter

Coordination of EOP activities with "Discovery Initiatives"

I wish to thank the committee members for all of their work during the past year and for the support received from Kathy Bowman to the committee.

Committee Members:

Masha Britten (Chair) Students: Tamika Ortiz

Janet Hogan Chantrice Payne

Margaret Iwobi Luis Rodriguez

Maria Lugones, Fall Semester Rafael Landron, Spring Semester

Lindsay Lake Morgan Fernando Restrepo, Spring Semester

Kelvin Santiago, Spring Semester

Donald Blake

Geoffrey Gould

Francine Montemurro

Ira Tolbert

Nicholas Wharton