The Educational Policy and Priorities Committee met several times during 1999-2000. The Committee began a series of steps, through the Chair, to examine a number of issues while it also dealt with issues directed to it by the Executive Committee.

The EPPC addressed the following issues:

1. In the fall, the question of the mandated Core Curriculum, in cooperation with the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the Executive Committee.

2. The Committee considered the issue of changes in the Audit requirements, after they had been put in place by the Administration, instituted without EPPC consultation.

The EPPC considered the following issues for action at some time in the academic year 2000-01. The basic work was begun in the summer of 2000 by the Chair 1999-2000.

3. The academic issues surrounding the move to Division I athletics, particularly issues of grades and course choices.

4. The question of academic supports for "student athletes" and the degree to which they were utilized.

5. The question of Undergraduate TA's and their relationship to the students with whom they work. The Committee proposed building from the Harpur College proposals to develop an all-University set of guidelines.

For the Committee,

Andrew Milnor

Chair, 1999-2000


Frank Cardullo

Richard Eckert

Kenneth Greene

Martin Schulman

Julian Shepherd

Alvin Vos

H. Stephen Straight

Provost Mary Ann Swain

Alejandro DeAcosta

Nicole Speier