January 1999 - May 2000

  1. Committee Membership

During the 1999-2000 academic year the Experiential Education Advisory Committee (EEAC) consisted of the following representatives:

Masha Britten, Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Chair of the Committee

Craig Bergman, Lecturer, Watson School

Virginia Delgado, Assistant Director for Academic Programs, Off Campus College

Lisa Gallagher, Assistant Dean, Watson School

Edward McMahon, Research Assistant Professor, Political Science, Harpur College

Kenneth Holmes, Director, Off Campus College

Meg Mitzel, Experiential Education Coordinator

Nancy Paul, Director, Career Development Center

Stephen Straight, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Learning

Arieh Ullmann, Associate Professor, School of Management temporarily replace mid semester Spring 2000 term by Brian Perry

Bonnie Winfield, Assistant Professor, School of Education and Human Development

Membership of the Experiential Education Advisory Committee at Binghamton University illustrates how faculty and student affairs professionals are working together to support student learning.

II. Activities since we last reported in December 1998

Spring 1999

Survey on experiential education distributed to faculty and staff.

Began discussing faculty incentives for advancing service learning in courses including summer grants for attending training and implementation grants.

Developed a brochure entitled: Experiential Education at Binghamton University (attached)

Academic Year 1999-2000

Formally changed the Charge to the Committee to reflect our activities and philosophy after meeting for a year.

Organized Albany Semester Program visit to promote Binghamton student participation.

Submitted proposals to FIPSE and Corporation for National Service to advance service learning in academic courses at Binghamton. The FIPSE proposal was not funded and we have yet to hear from the Corporation for National Service.

Subcommittee has been working on the development of report on experiential education at Binghamton University (to be completed shortly).

III. Dreaming about what we want for experiential education

Rodger Summers, Vice President for Student Affairs met with the EEAC in February. He encouraged us to "dream" and this is our vision of what we would like to see happen at Binghamton .


Review the impediments for students and work towards eliminating them

Promote the "study away" concept an "experiential"semester away from campus

Establish a position in each department/school who would coordinate experiential activities for students



Activities including experiential opportunities be considered a positive in the tenure process

Evaluate the expansion of experiential education and monitor.


IV. Priorities for the 2000-2001 Academic Year

In addition we will:

1. Continue to work with committees and others implementing the recommendations of the Task Force for Undergraduate Learning in the New Millenium.

Address the Strategic Plan as it pertains to Experiential Education:

2. Develop a mechanism for measuring the full range of experiential education opportunities offered to Binghamton University students.

3. Using the baseline established in Number 2. above, increase by 15% the number of students involved in experiential learning opportunities at Binghamton University during the next five years.

Meg Mitzel, experiential education coordinator, will continue to:

Meet with key people from each school/department as an effort to promote experiential education

Develop a contact person for experiential education in each department

Quantify and track the number of students who are taking internships for credit. An excel spread sheet has been created to capture this information at the end of each semester.