1999-2000 Annual Report

The Intercollegiate Athletic Board met five times during the 1999-2000 academic year. As in previous years the athletic director and his staff kept the board abreast on the progress of the athletic teams, recruiting of athletes and coaches, on facilities management and improvements, the operating budget and team performances. The committee spent a great deal of time during the spring semester discussing the state of the wrestling program. After several meetings and revisions the IAB endorsed a detailed report from Athletic Director Thirer to President DeFleur. A summary of the meetings held throughout the year follows.

IAB meeting 11/10/99: The committee was updated that fall athletics completed a quite successful season with several ECAC championships. There was also an update on recruiting for next year. There was a report pertaining to the transition from Division II to Division I. Most academic credentialing processes are already in place. A subcommittee was formed to analyze the current IAB by-laws and make recommendations for any modifications.

IAB meeting 2/23/00: An academic progress report showed that 96.5% of all student-athletes are in good standing as of the Spring 2000 semester. It was announced that the field house contract has been awarded and that groundbreaking will be in June. The 1999-2000 budget was reviewed and projections for 2000-2001 were handed out. The by-laws review subcommittee asked for input from the committee by e-mail. They had no formal proposal to make as of the meeting date.

IAB meeting 3/15/00: This meeting as well as the subsequent May 3rd meeting exclusively addressed problems that arose with members of the wrestling team. The meetings purpose was to inform the committee about the problems in the program, to get input on any additional information and to discuss possible courses of action to recommend to President DeFleur. Joel Thirer was charged by President DeFleur to make a report on the status of the wrestling program. A draft of the report was used as a foundation for discussion and recommendations by the IAB were incorporated into subsequent drafts.

IAB meeting 5/10/99: After several iterations the Board voted to accept the report from Dr. Thirer to President DeFleur. There were no against votes and one abstention. The Board then discussed and accepted the 2000-2001 athletic budget. Recommendations on By-laws changes were tabled until next year. Finally, there were updates on the scheduling in all sports for next year. Of particular note were menís and womenís basketball teams who will be playing against nationally known Division I teams next season.



IAB, 1999-2000

Matt Bassett, Associate Director of Athletics (ex officio without vote)

Alicia Brewster, Asst. Director of Athletics (ex officio without vote)

Steve De Luca, student at large rep (1999-2000)

Robert Diute, Alumnus (1999-2000)

Jordan Fox, President Student Association (ex officio) (1999-2000)

Amanda Kline, student female athletic rep (1999-2000)

Dennis Lasser, SOM, Faculty rep to the NCAA (Chair) (ex officio)

Dale Madison, Biological Sciences (1999-2001)

Rachelle Moore, Library (1999-2001)

Jose Moriera, student male athletic rep (1999-2000)

Ginny Pil, Financial Vice President, Student Association (ex officio)

Robert Pompi, Physics (1998-2000)

E. Wayne Ross, Education, (1998-2000)

Jesse Rothstein, student at-large rep (1999-2000)

Norman Spear, Psychology (1999-2001)

Roger Summers, Vice President for Student Affairs (ex officio)

Joel Thirer, Director, PERA (ex officio without vote)