Annual Report of the

Faculty Senate Library Committee [5/25/00]

The Committee met in the Fall and Spring terms to review library matters. In the Spring semester the Committee sent a written statement to the Provost strongly urging the consideration of funds for the purchase of new periodicals and electronic database access to support our new faculty and new programs. A copy was sent to the Vice Provost.

The statement noted that in the last two years from 60 to 100 new faculty have been hired. Currently, the new journal requests by new faculty are about $94,000 and the requests for new electronic database access are about $115,000. A list of the requested items accompanied the statement. The 10% increase budgeted for the Library for next year will only cover cost increases for existing journals and databases. There are no funds for new faculty or new programs.

In addition, which is of importance to many campus missions and initiatives, it was pointed out in the statement that there continues to be no increase in the book/monograph budget, which in actual dollars (no inflation adjustment) is less than in 1990. This ten-year fixed-dollar-bounded book/monograph allocation has obvious negative impacts for our on-campus teaching, scholarship, and research.

The concerned written response received from the Provost acknowledges these problems but, unfortunately, contains no promise of additional funds at this time. The committee will continue its consideration and work on these serious library needs in the Fall.


Members of Faculty Senate Library Committee, Spring 2000:

Charles Burroughs, Art History

Beth Burch, School of Education and Human Development

Salvador Fajardo, Romance Languages and Literature

William Haver, History

Robert Herbert, Anthropology

Pamela Stewart Fahs, Decker School of Nursing

Charles Nelson, Physics, Library Committee Chair

Eleanor Heishman, Director of Libraries

Michael McGoff, Assoc. Dean of Watson School of Engineering