Faculty Senate

University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Annual Report


The University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee had a busy year. Our main task was to help develop a new General Education Program in response to a mandate from the SUNY Board of Trustees. Working with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee we proposed a new program that was as close as possible to our former program. After minor modification, this proposal was passed by the Faculty Senate in December. In response to feedback from Provost Peter Salins' Advisory Council on General Education, we proposed some further amendments, which were passed by the Senate in the late spring. A memo comparing the new and the old General Education requirements will accompany this report.

In addition to helping develop a new set of requirements, we continued to certify courses as meeting the existing General Education requirements.

Our third activity was to develop and implement a survey of students in senior-level courses in all schools and as many majors as possible to help us evaluate the computer literacy of our upperclass students. During the coming year we plan to analyze the results of this survey and share our findings with each of the schools.

Stan Masters, Chair

Ami Bar On

Don Blake

Vic Chaubey

Dick Dalfiume

Dick Eckert

Donna Lahti

Tiffany Patterson

Herb Posner, Fall Semester

Colleen Reardon

Eunice Roe

Blenda Smith

Steve Straight

Anna Tan-Wilson, Spring Semester

Arieh Ullmann

Bonnie Winfield