To:        The Faculty Senate and Voting Faculty

From:     Prof. Richard Eckert, Chair


Date:      February 7, 2001

The fourth Faculty Senate meeting of the 2000-2001 academic year will be held on Tuesday, February 13, at 11:45 a.m. in UU-221B.

The agenda is:

1) Approval of minutes of November 14 (attached)

2) Announcements/Questions

     A) Report from Profs. Richard Eckert and Randall McGuire on the recent University Faculty           Senate Meeting in New Paltz

3) New Business

      A) Recommendation from Faculty Senate Educational Policy and Priorities Committee to endorse            proposed Global Studies Integrated Curriculum (attached)

       B) Approval of following University Faculty Senate Resolution: The Campus Governance            Leaders of the State University of New York strongly endorse the following changes in            PACGE (Provost's Advisory Committee on General Education):

                1. That PACGE engage only in generalized, programmatic review of general education; and

                2. That PACGE be constituted with a majority of full-time teaching faculty membership,                     with one full-time teaching faculty member serving as a PACGE co-chair.

        C) Approval of Vice Chair of Faculty Senate for Spring 2001 - - Prof. Robert Herbert

          D) Approval of following resolution from Faculty Senate Executive Committee: To add a              professional employee chosen by the Professional Employees Council in consultation with the              Faculty Senate Executive Committee to the composition of the Faculty Senate Committee              for the University Environment as stated in the Appendix of the Faculty By-Laws