TO:                 The Faculty Senate and Voting Faculty


FROM:           Sandra Michael, Chair




DATE:            March 21, 2007



            President Lois B. DeFleur’s semi-annual full faculty meeting begins on Tuesday, March 27, at 11:45 a.m. in UU 133.  The announcement for this meeting was sent to you in the campus mail.  After President DeFleur’s portion of the full faculty meeting, the proposed changes to the Faculty Bylaws, sent to you by email on March 13 and attached, will be introduced.


            Immediately following the full faculty meeting, the third Faculty Senate meeting of the 2006-2007 academic year will be held.  The agenda is:    


1.      Approval of minutes of October 24, 2006 meeting (attached)


2.      Announcements/Questions

a) Necrology –

·                    Dr. Allan Eller, English Department

·                    Prof. Alton Donnelly, History Department

·                    Prof. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, History Department

·                    Prof. Hugh Hunter, Geological Sciences Department

·                    Prof. John Arthur, Philosophy Department

·                    Prof. Stanley Madan, Chemistry Department

·                    Prof. Vincent Freimarck, English Department

·                    Prof. Richard Trexler, History Department


3.      Report by Peter Knuepfer, University Faculty Senator


4.      Resolutions from University Faculty Senate


a) Resolution in Support of Improved Library Funding:

Whereas, annual costs for research journals have increased between 8% and 10% per year for the last seven years, significantly exceeding the rate of increase of the national Higher Education Pricing Index (HEPI); and

Whereas, annual costs for all library materials have increased at approximately twice the rate of inflation for the same period (1998-2005); and

Whereas, library acquisitions budgets across SUNY have lost purchasing power relative to inflation during that period; and

Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Binghamton University Faculty Senate supports the University Faculty Senate in urging that State support for SUNY library acquisitions be increased annually at a rate consistent with the actual costs of these acquisitions; and

Be It Further Resolved, that the Binghamton University Faculty Senate urges that State support for library acquisitions include a one-time “catch-up” sum of $8 million to overcome the shortfall in acquisitions accrued over the past seven years, with the “catch-up” being necessary to restore SUNY collections to a level consistent with the university’s goals of excellence.


        b) Support for a Resolution on Hospital Privatization:

Be it resolved that the Binghamton University Faculty Senate joins with the University Faculty Senate in its support for SUNY’s continued commitment to public health care education, research, and service and affirms its opposition to the privatization of the SUNY hospitals.


5.      New Business


a) Election of Richard Naslund (Geological Sciences) as Vice Chair of Faculty Senate for spring 2007 semester.


b) Approval of proposed MS/PhD in Biomedical Engineering (attached) additional information