July 16, 2001







TO:                              Kathy Bowman

                                    Faculty Senate Secretary


FROM:                        Mary Ann Swain

                                    Chair, Academic Computing and Educational Technology Committee


RE:                               Annual Report



            ACET is a joint committee charged by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Administration, and the Faculty Senate.  During the Academic Year 2000-2001 administrative members of ACET explored implementation of the Research II Subcommittee’s report.  Based on recommendations in the report, the following actions will be taken. 


A core facility to enable faculty to use GIS methods in their research will be established.  A definition of scope of the facility and its operating policies are under development.  ACET will be involved in reviewing drafts of policies for this core facility.  More information about this venture will be distributed to faculty as it becomes available.


(2)        The licenses for ESRI software in support of the GIS (geographical information system) research center effort will be acquired.  The site license negotiated by SUNY is not quite ready for distribution yet, but will be acquired as soon as they're available.


(3)        A Sun 450 server will be ordered that should serve both the GIS computation needs and the stated need for a "StatMart" (upgrade) machine (used to locate and process some of the larger datasets we subscribe to).


(4)        An expansion of the Multimedia Resource Center is planned to better address the needs in the ACET Lite report related to a multimedia production center supporting researchers.


(5)        Ralph Hansen was hired to fill the statistical support position vacated by Larry Jones' retirement.


K Bowman

July 16, 2001





(6)        During last academic year the university connected to Internet2 and the Nysernet2000 consortium and hired a grad student to assist faculty with connection and usage issues.


(7)        This past year the Blackboard course management system (CMS) was introduced and was rapidly adopted by faculty, so that by spring semester's end approximately 100 classes with a total enrollment of more than 3000 students were actively using Blackboard for class collaboration and communication.  An upgrade of this software and hardware is planned in preparation for continued rapid growth in the coming academic year.


            Members of the Academic Computing and Educational Technology Committee met with members of the Middle States Association reaccreditation Site Visit Team in the Fall 2000 to share their perceptions of the information technology infrastructure on the Binghamton University campus.  ACET participation was instrumental in helping Site Team members understand faculty involvement in priority setting and campus decision-making related to information technology.


Members of the Committee were:


            Mary Ann Swain, Chair

            Michael Scullard

            Mark Reed

            Albert Dekin

            Kanad Ghose

            Wayne Jones

            Jonathan Biggers




071601 ACET 2001 Annual Report