Annual Report of the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for 2000-01

Last year the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee continued to concentrate on issues related to the implementation of our new General Education program. Specifically we devised new Guidelines for courses meeting the requirements in communication, social science, aesthetics, global interdependencies, and the pluralism requirement for those who had not
satisfied the United States history requirement on entrance to the university. These guidelines were accepted by Provost Salin's office in Albany, thereby greatly facilitating our work in certifying which courses meet the requirements.


In addition, the UUCC developed and sent to the Senate a preliminary proposal for a new foreign language requirement. With Senate endorsement, we are now developing a more detailed proposal for consideration by the Senate. We also developed a proposal for how university-wide (UNIV) courses might be certified and monitored by the UUCC, subject to review by the Senate. This UNIV proposal is still under consideration by the Executive Committee.


Respectfully submitted,


Stan Masters, Chair


Committee members:
Nancy Appelbaum, Fall semester
Don Blake
Andrew Cohen
Dick Dalfiume
Richard Eckert
Donna Lahti
Rosamaria LaValva, Spring semester
Colleen Reardon
Eunice Roe
Blenda Smith
H. Stephen Straight

Anna Tan-Wilson
Arieh Ullmann