Binghamton University

Faculty Senate

Bylaws Review Committee

Annual Report

August 20, 2001




            Naomi E. Ervin, Chairperson

            David Hanson

            Sara Reiter

            Ann Stahl

            Elizabeth Tucker

            Richard Dalfiume

            David Payne


            The Bylaws Review Committee met four times during the 2000-2001 academic year.  The work of the Committee focused on two tasks: (1) recommending wording for amendments to Article III, Title B. Faculty Senate, 3. Representation, and (2) a review of the total bylaws for accuracy and editing.


            The faculty adopted the amendments to Article III, Title B authorizing student representation to the Faculty Senate.  These changes will be added to the bylaws.


             The review of the bylaws resulted in editorial changes needed to comply with amendments previously adopted by the faculty.  After meeting with the Bylaws Review Committee and consultation the Faculty Senate Secretary, the chairperson and Secretary met with the University staff person responsible for keeping the bylaws current.  Changes needed to bring the bylaws into compliance with the adopted amendments were conveyed to the staff person with the request to have an updated version of the bylaws available for the fall 2001 semester.


            Thank you to the faculty who participated in the work of the Bylaws Review Committee.