The Committee held about 8 meetings this year.  Active members included Anne Clark, Colleen Hailey, Ralph Miller, Peter Knuepfer, Julian Shepherd, James Stark (faculty members), Nancy Lamberty (professional staff), Jeffrey Bohner (undergraduate student), John Rayburn (graduate student ), Michael McGoff and Pearse Murray (ex officio staff members).  Kelly Donovan (Environmental Health and Safety) was invited and attended.


            Major issues this year included (1) planning for an additional residential unit on campus, (2) reviewing other construction proposals on campus, (3) a proposal for a University Environmental Policy, (4) pesticide and salt use on campus, (5) research projects in the Natural Areas, (6) maintenance of the Nature Preserve.


1.      New Residential Unit.  Plans for a new residential unit in the areas between CIW and Hinman progressed to the point that the Dormitory Authority had a design to be put out for bids.  CUE reviewed these plans at several points and recommended that the impact of the complex on the Nature Preserve be minimized by keeping construction below the level of the crest of the hill at the back and by planting trees and shrubs on the south side of the area.   It also recommended that all efforts be made to accommodate increased parking in a most parsimonious manner.  Recommendations to eliminate part or all of Lot W or to build a multilevel parking structure were rejected as too costly.  Plans to accommodate runoff in an environmentally sound manner were reviewed and approved.


2.      Other Construction Proposals.   Plans for an addition to the Physical Plant and a new full-length basketball court for CIW were reviewed and approved.


3.      A University Environmental Policy.  A proposal for a University Environmental Policy, devised by CUE and the student environmental group, SEAC, is still pending consideration by the Administration.


4.      Pesticide and Salt Use on Campus.  CUE received and reviewed the annual proposal for pesticide use from the Physical Plant.   CUE suggested the use of organic (instead of inorganic) fertilizers and proposed an investigation of the need for insecticide use around the Anderson Center during the Summer Music Festival.  The University's policy on use of salt for ice removal from roads and footways was reviewed in response to complaints that this policy was not being followed.  Representatives from the Physical Plant affirmed that this policy would be followed next year.


5.      Research Projects in the Natural Areas and the Nature Preserve.  CUE approved 2 studies by faculty members and students involving (1) well construction for monitoring of ground water movement and (2) study of crow movements and behavior.  Both were judged to have no significant, permanent impact on the Natural Areas or the Preserve.


6.      Maintenance of the Natural Areas and the Nature Preserve,  CUE approved activities by the Friends of the Nature Preserve which included construction of a new trail.  CUE also organized a litter and garbage cleanup in the Natural Areas at the east end of campus (Lake Lieberman and Newing College area) on April 21st.