To:                   Faculty Senate

From:               Jane Connor, Associate Professor of Psychology, and Chair, Faculty Senate Convocations Committee

Subject:            Annual Report of Convocations Committee

Date:                Sept. 24, 2001

The Convocations Committee met in person once this year and conducted the rest of its business by e-mail and phone. We were able to fund all requests for aid at 50-80% of the amount requested.



Our awards were as follows:


Hannan Ashrawi - $2000.00

Latin American Studies Program Traveling Exhibit - $762.95

Human Development Conference - $1000.00

William Cross Colloquium - $550.00




Committee members:    Andrew Cohen (undergraduate student)

                                    Jane Connor

                                    Alice Friedman

David Hagerbaumer

                                    Gary Truce

                                    Maureen White

                                    1 administrative ex officio vacancy

                                    1 graduate student vacancy

                                    2 undergraduate student vacancies