To:                   Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Faculty Senate


From:               Masha Britten, Chair, Faculty Senate Educational Opportunity Program Advisory Committee


Subject:            Annual Report of EOP Advisory Committee  2000-2001


Date:                August 31, 2001



The Committee met weekly during the fall and spring semesters and this report will summarize the activities.  Notes of committee deliberations, full reports and documents and recom-mendations regarding future work may be found in the Office of the Faculty Senate.


Two major items were addressed by the committee during the fall:


1)      Preparation for the External Evaluation of the EOP Program site visit which took place October 4-6, 2000 and

2)      Clarification of the qualities and activities required by an EOP Director


Based on the resolution of the previous year recommending external evaluation of the EOP program, the committee developed: a detailed list of issues and questions for review by the external evaluators; a list of groups or constituencies to be visited by the site team and a list of evaluative data to be made available to both the site reviewers and the EOP Advisory Committee. These materials were shared with the Vice Presidents for Student Affairs and Academic Affairs and the EOP program.


The committee also developed the following materials related to the search for a new director:  Position Description, Advertising Copy,  Short Copy and recommendation for the composition of the search committee.


During the spring, the committee began discussion of the findings and recommendations of the External Evaluation Report.  Early in February a subcommittee was established to examine the academic component of the EOP summer enrichment program in relation to the overall mission of EOP and to report its findings with recommendations. The subcommittee met weekly and submitted its final report at the end of May.


Plans for year 2001-2002 include:

Analysis of the findings from the majority and minority subcommittee report

Analysis of data evaluating the academic performance of EOP students

Review of student representation on and participation in EOP matters and committees

Exploration of ways to support the transition of EOP students from the summer program to Binghamton University

Coordination of activities with “Discovery Initiatives”

Identification of grant opportunities which support EOP students



I wish to thank the committee members for all their work during the past year and the support received from Kathy Bowman. The committee also appreciates the support received from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, EOP and the Office of Institutional Research. 


Committee Members:                                                  Students:

Masha Britten  (Chair)                                                 Luis Rodriguez  

Janet Hogan                                                                  Jane Drexler

Margaret Iwobi                                                             Nancy Yam

Lindsay Lake Morgan                                                  Juan Rosario

Kelvin Santiago-Valles                                                Kenny Garcia

Don Blake

Leah Dixon for Cheryl Brown

Francine Montemurro

H. Stephen Straight

Vanessa Young


Members of the EOP Advisory Subcommittee:

Don Blake, Chair

David Bartine

Erik Pedersen

Kelvin Santiago-Valles

H. Stephen Straight

Wes Van Dunk