The committee determined that the School of Management Dean (Glenn Pitman) and the Associate Vice President for Computing and Educational Technology (Mark Reed) were due for evaluation.


A committee consisting of Professors Bruce Avolio, Subimal Chatterjee, and Upinder Dhillon was elected from SOM to do an evaluation of Dean Pitman. The evaluation was done and distributed. In particular, a copy was sent to the Faculty Senate Office as required.


The committee concluded that there was no logical constituency for Mark Reed other than the entire faculty and, after consulting with the FSEC, decided 1) to do the evaluation itself, 2) that the evaluation would consist of a) a survey (done by PEC) of the professional employees in the Computing Center, b) a survey (administered by our committee) of the entire faculty, c) an evaluation of Reed's performance done by the faculty members of ACET, and d) a final report from our committee (possibly only consisting of the individual pieces above, but possibly containing a short summary). Parts a), b), and c) have been completed, but part d) has not.


It should be noted that the Decker School of Nursing refused to comply with the requirement that a copy of the evaluation of its dean be sent to the Faculty Senate Office.



Committee Members:   Richard Eckert

                                    David Hanson (Chair)

Randy McGuire

Eunice Roe

Larry Stedman

Yiuman Tse

Oscar Vazquez