2000 –2001 Annual Report


                The Intercollegiate Athletic Board met four times during the 2000-2001 academic year.  As is customary the athletic director and his staff kept the board abreast on the progress of the athletic teams, recruiting of athletes and coaches, on facilities management and improvements, the operating budget and team performances.  The committee primarily discussed three other issues throughout the academic year.

Firstly, the committee was continuously updated on all conference negotiations and its impact on the athletic program.  Fortunately, Binghamton University found a home that appears to be a perfect fit for the athletic program. Secondly, a subcommittee was formed to update the bylaws. A copy of the revised bylaws are enclosed in this report. Thirdly, after a great deal of discussion and consideration the committee decided to recommend to the president an increase in the athletic fee for the 2002-2003 academic year from $100/semester to $150/semester. A summary of the meetings held throughout the year follows.


 IAB meeting 11/9/00: There was an update on fall sports activities. Matt. Bassett informed the committee that all the results can now be found on the web. Joel Thirer said that we are in discussions with as many as six conferences. He also said that the IAB may have to consider adding an additional woman’s sport because of gender equity issues. A by-laws subcommittee was formed to revise the existing by-laws since they were last revised in 1994.       


IAB meeting 3/19/01: A report of the academic progress of the student athletes was presented and indicated that the academic success of the student athlete compares very favorably with the general student body. Conference affiliations with the America East and Mid-Continent Conferences was discussed. Both were said to be very interested in Binghamton University.  The issue of the athletic fee was discussed at length. A comparison of fees at the other University Centers indicated that our fee is the lowest of all four as well as considerably lower than the other institutions in America East that have comparable fee structures. It was agrued that budget projections for 2002-2003 need to reflect an adjustment in the mandatory fee to a comparable level with the other SUNY centers.


IAB meeting 4/02/01:  The athletic fee discussion of the last meeting was continued. The general consensus was that an increase is necessary for consideration in any Division I conference. The IAB decided to get more input and call for a vote at the next meeting. J. Thirer reported that if we are admitted into the America East conference, we will need to add woman’s lacrosse as a varsity sport. The by-laws changes were also discussed. Minor corrections were made. The committee decided to vote on the changes at the next meeting. 


IAB meeting  4/25/01: Joel Thirer gave a brief presentation on the recent invitation that was extended to BU by the America East conference.  After much further discussion from all the members of the committee the IAB voted 10-1 in favor of recommending to the President that the athletic fee be raised to $150/semester starting in the 2002-2003 academic year. The revised by-laws changes were also approved unanimously.  Finally, the committee discussed the addition of woman’s lacrosse as a varsity sport. For both conference and gender equity reasons the committee unanimously voted in favor of adding lacrosse as a woman’s varsity sport .


IAB, 2000-200


Matt Bassett, Associate Director of Athletics (ex officio without vote)

Alicia Brewster, Asst. Director of Athletics (ex officio without vote)

Antonia Berns, student at large rep (2000-2001)

Neil Rose, Alumnus (2000-2002)

Shane Kosinski, President Student Association (ex officio) (1999-2000)

Alyson Cammann, student female athletic rep (1999-2000)

Dennis Lasser, SOM, Faculty rep to the NCAA (Chair) (ex officio)

Dale Madison, Biological Sciences (1999-2001)

Rachelle Moore, Library (1999-2001)

Tim Collar, student male athletic rep (2000-2001)

Adam Weissberg, Financial Vice President, Student Association (ex officio)

Leslie Haywood, English (2000-2002)

Steve De Luca, student at-large rep (2000-2001)

Norman Spear, Psychology (1999-2001)

Roger Summers, Vice President for Student Affairs (ex officio)

Joel Thirer, Director, PERA (ex officio without vote)

Vacant faculty representative

                                                                                                                                Amended 2/14/01







I.                     NAME

This Board shall be called the Binghamton University Intercollegiate Athletics Board, hereinafter referred to as “the Board.”  The Board is responsible to and reports to the President.


a.                    The Board shall consist of fifteen voting members appointed by the President. The designee of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs shall act as chair of the Board.  The voting members consist of six full-time faculty members recommended by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees and approved by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (including the Faculty Representative to the NCAA). One member of the Alumni Association of Binghamton University, recommended by the Association (preferably a resident of the area who participated in intercollegiate athletics while a student at Binghamton). Six full-time enrolled undergraduate students in good academic standing, including the Student Association President and Vice President for Financial Affairs (or designees), and four selected by the President from letters of intent; of the total student membership at least one must be a member of men’s varsity athletic team, at least one a member of a women’s varsity athletic team, and at least one not a participant in intercollegiate athletics; the designee of the Vice President for Student Affairs; In addition, the Director of the Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics (and/or designees)* shall serve ex officio without vote.


*The Director may designate the principal men’s and the principal women’s athletic administrators.

Bylaws of the Intercollegiate Athletics Board, Amended 2/14/01, Page 2


b.                   Terms of membership:  The Administrators shall serve for the duration of their terms of office, as shall the Faculty Representative to the NCAA; terms of other faculty members shall be staggered by lot on overlapping two-year rotations, with two of the members serving an initial one-year term; terms of students shall be staggered by lot on overlapping two-year rotations in the same pattern as faculty; the alumni member shall serve a two-year term.

III.           DUTIES

                The Board shall conduct broad-based reviews and gather information as necessary to enable it to advise the President on such matters:

Standards and policies for student participation in intercollegiate athletics as not to conflict with the University’s mission, goals, objectives, and practices;

Planning the intercollegiate athletics program to include considerations for Title IX/Gender Equity and NCAA Division I Legislation;

Funding for intercollegiate athletics;

Preparation of an Annual Report for the Intercollegiate Athletics Program to the President and Faculty Senate;

e.             Other matters referred to it by the President.


The Board’s responsibilities in III. c. include:

a.                    Formulating and recommending to the President the annual intercollegiate athletics budget.  In arriving at such formulations, the Board shall base its determinations upon all sources of athletics funding for the prior year, taking into account changes in enrollment, fee increases, inflation, and changes in the athletics program;

b.                   In contemplating changes in the range of intercollegiate athletics, the Board must weigh budgetary implications of such changes;


Bylaws of the Intercollegiate Athletics Board, Amended 2/14/01, Page 3


c.                    In the event of a shortfall of receipts or allocations, the Board shall develop and recommend to the President a revised budget;

d.                   The Board shall oversee expenditures for intercollegiate athletics, ensuring that such expenditures follow SUNY System and as applicable NCAA, University and Conference fiscal and accounting procedures.


The Board shall take necessary steps to ensure that NCAA and applicable University and Conference policies regarding student eligibility for participation in intercollegiate athletics are followed.


The Board shall be the recommending body for additions to or deletions from the varsity intercollegiate sports engaged in by Binghamton University.  In making such recommendations, the Board shall consider the mission of the institution, budgetary resources, the availability of appropriate physical facilities, and likely demand for the sport over an extended period of time as primary criteria.


Ad Hoc Committee members may include members from outside the board membership if needed.