Annual Report of the

Faculty Senate Library Committee [5/22/01]


            The Committee met in the Fall and Spring terms to review library matters.


The principal topic was the methodology to be used to allocate the monograph budget.  The goal of a new reallocation methodology is to distribute available dollars to better meet needs of current University researchers and scholars: 


The Libraries presented a formula budget with the key elements being use (reflecting need) and cost.  Need was determined from the Libraries' records of faculty and graduate student circulation and interlibrary loan (ILL) borrowing data by academic department or school.  Cost data was obtained from the system used by the Libraries to purchase monographs.  Circulation, ILL, and cost data were averaged over three years to mitigate the extreme increases and decreases that may occur in one year.


The application of the formula does not take into account library funding for new academic programs or degrees.  It was recognized that new programs may require additional support.  Such support will be requested when the programs are proposed.


Several concerns were brought forth at the meetings, and there was discussion on alternative methodologies.   After a year's experience using the methodology, adjustments could be made if warranted.  The formula would be run every three to five years, so changes in campus use and campus cost patterns are figured into future budgets.


There continues to be no increase in the book/monograph budget, which in actual dollars (no inflation adjustment) is less than in 1990.   This over ten-year fixed-dollar-bounded book/monograph allocation has obvious negative impacts for our on-campus teaching, scholarship, and research.


A consensus on the plan to reallocate monograph funds in the Collections Budget using the proposed formula was reached by the Faculty Senate Library Committee on March 29, 2001.  The formula allocations will be implemented with the 2001-02 budget.




Members of Faculty Senate Library Committee, Fall 2000-Spring 2001:


Charles Burroughs, Art History

Pamela Stewart Fahs, Decker School of Nursing

Salvador Fajardo, Romance Languages and Literature

William Haver, History

Eleanor Heishman, Director of Libraries

Robert Herbert, Anthropology

Michael McGoff, Assoc. Provost, Academic Affairs

Rachelle Moore, Collaborative Librarian

Charles Nelson, Physics, Library Committee Chair