To: Faculty Senate

From: Gerald E. Kadish

Subject: Committee on Committees Annual Report

Date: September 14, 2001

This year the Committee on Committees found it possible to fill many committee positions using e-mail and telephone, and without numerous committee meetings.

That some committee assignments remained unfilled at year's end was due in part at least to a problem experienced by the chair and by several members of the Committee on Committees, namely that there appears to be an increasing difficulty in persuading colleagues to take on some of the demands and challenges of committee work. While the plea was often the press of other obligations -- including department committees -- there was also the concern about time taken from research, grant proposal writing, and course preparation.

During the 2001-02 academic year, the chair and the Committee members will make a renewed effort to appeal to collegiality and the spirit of shared community responsibility for the business of the faculty and the University.

Committee members: Theresa Grabo

Gerald Kadish (Chair)

Richard McLain

Bern Mulligan

Paul Steidlmeier

Gary Truce

Eileen Way