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XXXIV, 1/2, 2011

Rethinking the Plantation: Histories, Anthropologies, and Archaeologies


Dale Tomich, Flávio dos Santos Gomes, Olivia Gomes da Cunha, Special Editors


Editors - Presentation

Sidney W. Mintz - Plantations and the Rise of a World Food Economy: Some Preliminary Ideas

Dale Tomich - Rethinking the Plantation: Concepts and Histories

Rômulo Andrade - African and Creole Slaves: From the Diversified Agriculture of Southern Rio de Janeiro to the Coffee Cultivation of Minas Gerais, 1802–1885


Olivia Gomes da Cunha - Somewhere Close to Nashville: Plantation Cartographies

Christine Rufino Dabat - Sugar Cane “Plantations” in Pernambuco: From “Natural Vocation” to Ethanol Production


Luis Nicolau Parés - Creolization and Creole Population in Plantations of the Bahian Recôncavo


Maria Helena P. T. Machado - Slavery and Social Movements in Nineteenth-Century Brazil: Slave Strategies and Abolition in São Paulo


Tania Andrade Lima - Keeping a Tight Lid: The Architecture and Landscape Design of Coffee Plantations in Nineteenth-Century Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Maria Dulce Gaspar - Material Culture, Daily Life, and Archaeological Possibilities in the Plantation Borders of the Guanabara Bay Region


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