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What is the difference between a Composition course (C or J) and a Harpur Writing (W) course?

Composition (C) courses require a process of revision and a minimum of 20 pages of expository prose. In a composition course, you will perform the basic operations of personal computer use; understand and use basic research techniques; and locate, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of sources. At least 50 percent of the course grade is based on student writing in composition courses. Composition courses are available through a variety of departments and programs at Binghamton University.

Joint Oral & Written Communication(J) courses require a minimum of 20 pages of writing and at least two oral presentations.

Harpur Writing (W) courses are specific to Harpur College and require a minimum of 10 pages of writing. Writing courses provide considerable experience in and feedback on writing as a tool of college-level teaching and learning. Written assignments in W courses constitute 30 to 100 percent of the basis for the grade in the course.

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