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*Important Note: PSYC 362 (formerly Physiological Psychology) will now be called Behavioral Neuroscience. There has been no change to the course number, content, structure, or how it will count in the major. The change simply better reflects the connection of this course to the field, the department, and the matching lab offering.


 Fall 2014: Approved Integrative Neuroscience Seminars

The following seminars can count toward Junior/Senior Seminar Core Requirement:


Course #   Title   Instructor   Attr   Credits
PSYC 473B   Comparative Psychology   Morrissey   (W)   4 credits
PSYC 473D           Human Neuropsychology           Donovick                      4 credits
PSYC 473F   Drug Abuse/Addict-Neurochem   Werner       4 credits
PSYC 473J   Hormones and Behavior   Romero    (W)   4 credits
PSYC 473L   Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders   Diaz       4 credits
PSYC 473M   Cognitive Ethology: Evol, Dev, & Origins of Thght   Hipp   (W)    4credits
BIOL 480B   Pathophysiology of Cell Death (^Type A)    Baust       2 credits
BIOL 480C   Topics in Cell Signaling (^Type A)   Gal       2 credits
BIOL 480K   Linear Statistical Mixed Model (^Type B)   Stein       2 credits
BIOL 483B   Reproductive Biology (^Type B)   Michael       4 credits
BIOL 483J   Case Hist Biotech/Bioethics (^Type B)   Baust       4 credits


 Click here for all Psychology department course offerings.

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 ***List of Fall 2014 Elective Offerings


Biology Course Restrictions: None

***Courses cross-listed under the BCHM (Biochemistry) will be restricted to CHEM and BCHM majors only. The BIOL versions of these courses will not be restricted.

But there reasons you might not be able to register:

***Registration for BIOL 251 Anatomy and Physiology will be by petition only. Print out this form and submit it to the Biology Department (S3-210) 


Questions regarding integrative neuroscience major requirements?

Stop by the Integrative Neuroscience Program Advising Office S4-230B or call 607-777-4100.



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