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Health Insurance for International Dependents

Medical care in the United States is extremely expensive! You and your family cannot avoid high medical costs in the U.S. Not seeking medical attention when necessary can be very dangerous to you and your family's health, therefore medical insurance is a must.

As an international student or scholar, you are covered under a group plan based on the number of participants. Therefore you have a very comprehensive plan that is inexpensive compared to U.S domestic policies. The plan is called HTHWorldwide. The Fall 2013 cost of the policy for students and scholars is $92.75 per month. Beginning January 15, 2014, the cost will be $103.00 per month.

Your spouse and children are eligible for very similar insurance coverage as a dependent on your insurance policy. The cost for your spouse is $216.40 per month with a $50 deductible per new illness or accident. Your spouse can become eligible for the student rate if he/she registers for courses at Binghamton University. The cost for dependent children is $118.20 per month regardless of the number of children you cover under the plan. A $50 deductible applies for each new illness or accident per child.

Health and accident insurance is mandatory for all dependents of students or scholars in J-1 status, per Federal regulation and is essential for all students with families.  There is a tremendous risk in not insuring your dependents in the US -- and the possible financial and immigration consequences as a result. U.S. Federal regulations require that the status of a J student or scholar be terminated if their dependents are not insured.

Dependents of J-1 scholars and J1 and F1 students must be enrolled for Health Insurance coverage within 30 days of their arrival in the United States, the date of birth for a newborn or within 30 days of marriage to an eligible participant. You must make an appointment to see a member of the health insurance team in the Office of International Student and Scholar Services to complete an enrollment form for your dependents. Please call 607-777-2510 to make an appointment. 

An eligible domestic partner now qualifies for dependent international health insurance coverage through the HTH Worldwide health insurance plan.  The cost is the same as spousal coverage and eligibility must be proven prior to enrollment. An Eligible domestic partner is an adult person (18 years of age or older) of the same or opposite sex who:

a.      Is not married or legally separated;
b.      Has not been party to an action or preceding for divorce or annulment within the last six months, or has been a party to such an action or proceeding and at  least six months have elapsed since the date of the judgment terminating the marriage;
c.      Is not currently registered as a domestic partner with a different domestic partner and has not been in such a relationship for at least six months;
d.      Occupies the same residence as the Eligible Participant;
e.      Has not entered into a domestic partnership that is temporary, social, political, commercial or economic in nature;
f.        Has entered into a domestic partnership arrangement with the named Insured.

Proof of domestic partnership must be demonstrated with three of the following:

a.      a joint lease, mortgage or deed
b.      joint ownership of a vehicle
c.      joint ownership of a checking account or credit account
d.      designation of the domestic partner as a beneficiary for the Eligible Participant’s life insurance or retirement benefits
e.      designation of the domestic partner as a beneficiary of the subscriber’s will
f.        designation of the domestic partner as holding power of attorney for health care
g.      Shared household expenses

Three of the above Items must be presented to the Health Insurance Team in the ISSS office with the domestic enrollment form found at:  at initial enrollment in order to secure an authorized signature for the dependent enrollment form.

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Last Updated: 11/5/13