Welcome to Off Campus College

Mission Statement of OCC

The mission of Off Campus College is to provide services and programs that support the University's goal of achieving an environment that encourages and promotes educational excellence. OCC focuses much of its efforts on the welfare of students who do not reside in University-managed housing. Since off campus students vary widely in age, interests, institutional identification or affiliation and reside in various local communities, efforts to provide service is multifaceted, purposeful and specific to current needs. OCC is strongly committed to embracing the participation of non-traditional students, including, but not limited to, persons of color.

While OCC's efforts are not limited to our off campus population, OCC seeks ways to assist all students in learning how to live safely, successfully, and independently in the communities that surround the University.

OCC prides itself on its ability to respond to situations, but, like other units of the University, seeks ways to prevent problems through education. OCC's staff and students maintain a unique relationship, a partnership that encourages the formation of new ideas and new approaches to problems.

The primary operating assumptions of OCC are expressed in the following statement:

  • That OCC will be as open and democratic as possible. Everyone should be encouraged to participate.
  • That OCC should try to link the community and University together in as many useful symbiotic ways as possible, through the exchange of services and ideas.
  • That students are competent people who are able to create and administer sizable projects.
  • That OCC encourages, supports, and maintains a self-help philosophy.

Community relations are of the utmost importance to OCC and are addressed through supporting student participation in community activities through volunteerism, the Campus/Community Coalition of Binghamton, and most importantly, the Good Neighbor Program.

Last Updated: 10/20/15