New York State Building Code Training Program at Binghamton University

There are new New York State Code Training guidelines as of 2015.

Summary of Major Changes:

  • Unlimited Online Training
  • Three month extension has been eliminated
  • CEO required to take 12 hrs. of DBSC approved Training, BSI required to take 3 hrs.
  • Up to 12 hrs. of Professional Development Electives accepted annually for CEO, 3 hrs. for BSI
  • There are three (3) categories for DBSC approved In-service training (Code Enforcement and Administration, Uniform Code and Energy Code.) At least three (3) hours of in-service training must be taken in each category
  • More information about the changes is available here.

December 8
9:00 a.m . - 12 p.m.
 Binghamton University Physical Facilities

  • NYS Multiple Residence Law (3 hours) -one hour Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, two hours Code Enforcement and Administration

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This will likely be the last code training course offered at Binghamton University for this year.

  • As for the NYS DOC Energy Code 3 hour online code training course, please use this link to access.
  • If you have any questions regarding this course (i.e. help accessing course, etc), please contact NYS DOC.
  • Please remember you can finish your requirements via online Code Training - use this link for courses available and additional information.

Contact Brenda Davis with any questions at

Maps and directions to Binghamton University can be found here.

Last Updated: 10/1/15