Psychology Major:

Electives from the Division of Science & Mathematics

You may choose any 4 credit courses from the following list to meet this requirement.

Not all courses that have the Gen Ed mathematics (M) designation will count as math/science electives.
Choose from the courses listed below. If you are unsure whether a course will meet this requirement,
please check with an advisor in the Psychology Department (S4-230).

Astronomy: ASTR 114 - Sun, Stars and Galaxies
Biochemistry: BCHM (all)
Biology: BIOL (all)
Chemistry: CHEM (all except CHEM 100)
Environmental Science:
(only these 4 courses)
ENVI 101 - Environment and Man/Woman - Ecological Perspectives
ENVI 121 - Pollution: Natural & Unnatural
ENVI 142 - Water & Watersheds
ENVI 201 - Environment & Man/Woman: Phys. Aspects
Geology: GEOL (all)
(only these 4 courses)
MATH 130 - Mathematics in Action
MATH 220 - Calculus for Business & Management
MATH 221 - Calculus I
MATH 222 - Calculus II
(only these 3 courses) 
PHIL 121 - Methods of Reasoning
PHIL 122 - Elementary Logic
PHIL 200 - Intermediate Logic
Physics: PHYS (all)
Math/Science Transfer Courses MSCI (and courses equivalent to courses listed above)

Crosslisted Courses:

  • ENVI courses crosslisted with other science departments can count toward the major.
  • Crosslisted courses can match with either department:
    For instance, Envi 121 is crosslisted as GEOL 121, so it can match with either ENVI or a GEOL course
    to fulfill the same department requirement.
The following courses do not count toward the Math/Science Electives (2004 Bulletin):
  MATH 107 - Basic Integrated Mathematics
MATH 108 - Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 147 - Elementary Statistics
(If you were admitted prior to Fall 2004 then these math courses will count)

Liberal Arts Transfer Courses (LART) do not count toward the major.


Last Updated: 6/5/12