Graduation Rates and Placement

The typical length of study for the MPA degree is two full academic years for a student entering in the fall semester and enrolling for full-time study each fall and spring, and completing an internship in the summer between the two academic years. Students beginning their program of study in the spring will be able to finish within two years with careful sequencing of courses and with more limited options for which electives to take. On average for the past five years, more than 85% of full-time students have finished the MPA within two years.

The typical length of study for the dual degrees is 3 years with careful coordination of courses in consultation with advisors in both departments. Ninety (90) percent of dual degree students have finished within 3 years, and those who did not were because they chose to take additional elective courses.

For students graduating with an MPA from Binghamton University in 2010-11 and 2011-12, roughly 40% are employed in government within the United States (most in local governments and some in state and national government); 30% are employed in nonprofit organizations in the US; 10% work outside the United States (international students working in within government or nonprofit organizations in their home countries); and 10% work in the private sector (including in positions of research and consulting). The Department does not have current information on the employment status of the remaining 10% of graduates.

Last Updated: 7/24/14