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News and events

Professor Bosworth presents at Canadian studies conference

Professor Yulia Bosworth presented at the 22nd Biennial Conference of the Association of Canadian Studies (ACSUS) in the United States, which took place in Tampa, Florida, on November 19-23, 2013. ACSUS is a multi-disciplinary international organization dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of Canada. Its biennial conference, established in 1971, is the leading academic conference in Canadian Studies, gathering scholars from various fields whose research is focused on any Canadian content, including the study of francophone Quebec. Professor Bosworth's presentation, entitled "Study Abroad in French: The Quebec Alternative", discussed student and faculty attitudes toward Quebecois French and the ways in which these attitudes undermine Quebec's potential as a prime study abroad destination in French. The findings and conclusions of this work are instrumental in Professor Bosworth's efforts to establish an educational opportunity in Quebec, which will be offered by the Romance Languages and Literatures Department in the near future.

Creative Project Award Recipients Announced!

On November 14, 2013 at the Romance Languages Fair, Professor Antonio Sobejano-Morán, Chair, along with Professor Chesla Ann Bohinski, Language Coordinator, awarded language students with Creative Project Awards. Language students in French, Italian and Spanish 111, 115, 211 and 215 courses were eligible to apply for this award by creating a project to showcase their language creativity. Award recipients also shared their work that included original poems, song and artwork at the fair.

Creative Project Award Recipients and their instructors are listed below.

Evan Bavarsky, Student of Professor Sticca, French 215
Rhonda Drewes, Student of Professor Samiani, Italian 215
Joseph Estevez, Student of Professor Bosworth, French 211
Kimberly Verderame, Student of Professor Johnson, French 211
Kayla Walsh, Student of Professor Samiani, Italian 215

Creative Project Award

Pictured above, left to right: Row 1 – Creative Project Award Recipients Evan Bavarsky, Kimberly Verderame, Rhonda Drewes and Kayla Walsh; Row 2 – Professors Chesla Ann Bohinski (Language Coordinator), Sandro Sticca (French), Julie Johnson (French), Antonio Sobejano-Morán (Chair), Salvador Fajardo (Graduate Director), Rachel Samiani (Italian); Absent from photo – Creative Project Award Recipient Joseph Estevez and Professors Yulia Bosworth (French) and Dana Stewart (Undergraduate Director)

The Culture of the Digital World

Romance Languages professors attend The Culture of the Digital World seminar

Professors Chesla Ann Bohinski, Ph.D. and Yulia Bosworth, Ph.D., traveled to Chicago, Illinois in October 2013 to attend Vista Higher Learning Fall 2013 Seminar: The Culture of the Digital World. This two-day event was packed with practical training and hands-on session for teaching language in the digital world. Toni Theisen, ACTFL President 2013 was the keynote speaker.

Pictured from left to right: Yulia Bosworth, Toni Theisen and Chesla Ann Bohinski.

II Hispanic Film Festival

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures is excited to announce its full lineup of movies for the 2nd Hispanic Film Festival, which will take place in Fall 2013. This edition will feature a diverse group of award-winning films which are representative of the cultural and socio-economic complexity of the Hispanic world.

All screenings will be free, open to the public and subtitled in English. | Read more

Music student, professor, alumna collaborate on international performance

In late 2012, Joe Weil, lecturer in creative writing, introduced his 21-year old music student David Gaita to the work of Mario Moroni, associate professor of Italian in Harpur College and an award-winning poet. "It was a series of coincidences," Gaita said. "[Mr. Weil] told me about Mario and told Mario about me, and [we] discussed how to collaborate Mario's poetry with my music."

Moroni's work, "Recitari le Ceneri" (Reciting the Ashes), conveys the complex nature of the individual as it pertains to the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Devoting years to the project, Moroni accumulated heaps of data from his main source, the obituary section of The New York Times. | Read more

Crossroads: 3rd Annual Binghamton International Literature Festival

Presented by The Harpur Dean's Office and the Creative Writing Program at Binghamton University.

Saturday, April 13, 2013
2-6 p.m.
Casadesus Recital Hall
Binghamton University Campus

Funding for this festival is provided in part by the Vice President for Research Office, and the Convocation Committee.

Download a list of participants (.pdf, 760 kb)

Romance Languages professor presents at SUNY’s Language PACT workshop

Romance Languages professor presents at SUNY's Language PACT workshop

On April 5, 2013, SUNY Global and the Office of the Provost, with the support of the University Faculty Senate, held a full-day workshop entitled SUNY Language PACT: Building Community to Strengthen Language Learning.

This event continued a dialogue about modern language education that was initiated by last year's workshop, SUNY-MLA Collaboration for Language and Culture Education: Exploring New Structures for a Changing World. Four issues were identified that are central considerations as we seek to enrich the teaching and learning of languages at SUNY. The SUNY Language PACT (Pipeline-Access-Culture-Technology) initiative seeks to address each of the four concepts. The workshop provided an opportunity to continue the dialogue on fostering collaboration among and across language programs, increasing student access to language study, and making the most effective use of SUNY's vast language offerings, faculty expertise, and technology to enhance opportunities for students.

Assistant professor Chesla Ann Bohinski, Ph.D. not only was on the event's organizing committee, but also presented two sessions with fellow SUNY colleagues. To Digitalize or Not to Digitalize: That is the Question
 discussed the benefits and limitations of integrating technology into language courses. Professor Bohinski co-presented with Ronna Feit, Ph.D. and Vladimir Konovaliouk, Ph.D., both of Nassau Community College, During Ignite the language fire in students K-12, Professors Bohinski and Feit focused on the need to improve the pipeline in language classrooms from K-12 to higher education.

Pictured from left to right: Chesla Ann Bohinski, Ronna Feit and Vladimir Konovaliouk.

Information about SUNY Language PACT taken from

Rho Nu chapter

Romance Languages professor presents paper at
American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference

Romance Languages and Literatures Professor Chesla Ann Bohinski, Ph.D., presented a paper entitled "Mental and visual images: Bringing L2 vocabulary acquisition into focus" during the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) 2013 conference.

Hosted by AAAL, this year's conference was held in Dallas, TX March 16 through March 19, 2013. Welcoming scholars from around the globe, the organization's yearly conference has a reputation as a comprehensive and stimulating professional event that offers thought-provoking plenary presentations, in-depth colloquia and paper sessions, excellent book exhibits, and plentiful opportunities for networking with applied linguists from North America and countries around the world.

Founded in 1977, AAAL is a professional organization of over 1200 scholars from the U.S., Canada, and 40 other countries worldwide who are interested in and actively contribute to the multi-disciplinary field of applied linguistics. Members use a wide variety of theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches to address a broad range of language-related issues that affect individuals and society. The mission of AAAL is to facilitate the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and understanding regarding these language-related issues in order to improve the lives of individuals and conditions in society.

Information about AAAL taken from

Read more about Professor Chesla Ann Bohinski in the Harpur Perspective

Rho Nu chapter

Second initiation ceremony of the Rho Nu chapter

On Saturday, December 8th 2012 we celebrated the second initiation ceremony of the Rho Nu chapter of the national Spanish honor society Sigma Delta Pi. Nine new members were initiated this year (Paola Roche, Jacqueline Mchenry, Mackenzie Yee, Kathryn DiSalvo, Judith Swartz, Margaret Pictor, Hana Khan, Sarah Bressler, and Rachel Kreutzer). For further information about Sigma Delta Pi, see: or contact Prof. Ana Ros

Chesla Bohinski

Romance Languages professor presents
paper at Second Language Research Forum

Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, the 2012 Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) was held in Pittsburgh, PA October 18 through October 21, 2012. Building on the idea that Pittsburgh is known as the "City of Bridges", the conference’s theme focused on the bridges that exist between the various disciplines involved in second language acquisition (SLA) research. SLRF 2012’s aim was to bridge gaps between individual disciplines that all share a common goal: to improve understanding of second language learning, acquisition, instruction, and use. SLRF 2012 highlighted the strengths of each discipline while providing a platform for an open dialogue between fields.

Harpur College is pleased that Romance Languages and Literatures Visiting Assistant Professor, Chesla Ann Bohinski, Ph.D., presented a paper entitled “Mental and visual images: Links to L2 vocabulary acquisition” during the forum. Chesla’s paper was one of 207 papers selected to be presented from 544 abstracts submitted from over 45 countries. Chesla was also only one of three presenters representing a SUNY campus at SLRF 2012.

Ana Ros

IASH faculty fellows reach new audiences

Ana Ros, assistant professor of Spanish, recently published a book that she completed during her IASH fellowship entitled,"The Post-Dictatorship Generation in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay." The book provides a look at the effects of repressive dictatorships in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay on the younger generation who did not experience it firsthand, yet are altered nonetheless by the experiences of their parents. | Read more

→ Learn more about Ana Ros's book

Professor Moroni organizes local poetry event

On Friday, October 19th, 2012, Mario Moroni organized and participated in "Voices Around," an evening of poetry held at the Brunelli Gallery, in downtown Binghamton. This event featured five poets associated with Binghamton University. The event is also part of a broader project aimed to expand the Binghamton community's interest in poetry in all its manifestations. More events of this kind are in the planning for the Winter and Spring 2013.
| Download more information (.pdf, 2.2Mb)

Professor Moroni participates in poetry event

On Friday October 5th, 2012, Mario Moroni participated in a poetry event held by Italian Cultural Institute of New York City. The event was devoted to the issue of cultral memory. A group of expatriate Italian poets living in the United Sates read their poems inspired to the theme of memory, in the context of an art installation by Italian artist Anna maria Pugliese.
| Download more information (.pdf, 989kb)

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