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Wondering About Your Alcohol or Other Drug Use?

If you ever find yourself wondering if you are drinking too much or too often there are ways of doing a simple assessment of your drinking. You can stop wondering and check if there may indeed be a problem. Here ere are two online assessment tools you can try. Simply click on the links and another page will open. You can rest assured that the sites you will visit are completely confidential, just as this site is. No cookies ... no tracking ... just some answers.
The first tool is at Alcohol Screening.Org. Just click on the following image.


You can also look at the behavior changes on this page to see if your habits have changed. Using this as a guide, however, requires a great deal of honesty and self-awareness. If you think that you are having a problem with a drug other than alcohol we're sorry but there aren't any online screening tools. You can do other things to assess your situation. The first and most likely the best way to ease your mind is to speak with a caring professional. You can stop by, write, or call the program office at any time to schedule an appointment. You're just coming in to talk and that's as far as it will go; everything is completely confidential. If you would still rather look into it further on your own you can try the following.

-Talk to a close friend and ask her or him what they think. For this discussion you do not want to choose someone you normally party with. You want to ask someone who cares about you and you alone, not someone who may care as much as you do for the pot or beer or whatever.

-Give yourself a screening. We can fill you in on a little secret about screening tools. There's no magic ... no trick questions that try to get inside your head. What screening tools basically do is check for changes in behavior. Has your use of the drug increased in amount or frequency? Do you use at times of day that you did not use before, especially soon after waking? Does the drug or using the drug occupy more of your thoughts? Go back to this page and look at the first set of bullets regarding behavior. If you can, ask that friend we spoke of earlier to look at them. Above all remember that you have to be completely honest with yourself in this assessment. Here's a caveat: It is part of the very nature of drug abuse that the further along the continuum a person progresses in their use, the more difficult it is for the person to be honest about his or her problem. That last point is one of the main reasons that screening tools were developed.

If you now think that there is indeed reason for concern please go on to the next page or call us to discuss the situation or to receive a referral to another office. It's totally free, confidential, and a good first step to finding a solution.

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