Sophia Resciniti

Director of Field Education

Sophia Resciniti is the Director of Field Education at Binghamton University. She earned both her B.S. in Human Development and her Masters Degree in Social Work from Binghamton University. Her primary interest has been in the treatment of trauma and dissociation. She is certified in treating traumatic stress and dissociative disorders using the Instinctual Trauma Response Model. She is also trained in the use of EMDR for the treatment of trauma. Sophia is also certified as a Field Traumatologist through The Green Cross Academy of Traumatology. Much of her work after receiving her MSW has been with those affected by Domestic Violence and with those in Hospice care. Sophia is a member or the local Red Cross Disaster Mental Health team and has assisted in local disasters such as flooding and the mass shooting at America Civic Association.


  • Field education placements

  • Liaison between university and field placement sites

  • Coordinator of information meetings for students

  • Implementation of grants related to field experiences

  • Teaching of selected MSW course

Educational Background

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

MSW, Binghamton University

B.S in Human Development, Binghamton University

Certified Trauma Therapist

Director of Field Education Sophia Resciniti

Office: (607) 777-9163
Office Location: Downtown Center, Room #317
Fax: (607) 777-5683

Last Updated: 3/2/14