Find our offices

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Administration Building 420, 607-777-4788

Office of Assessment and Strategic Initiatives

University Union West 208C, 607-777-6588

Auxiliary Services

McGuire Building, 607-777-2883

Campus Activities

UUW 208F, 607-777-2811

Campus Recreational Services

Recreation Center, East Gym 110, 607-777-PLAY

Career Development Center

Library South G500, 607-777-2400

Center for Civic Engagement

LSG 548, 607-777-4287

University Counseling Center

Library North 1202, 607-777-2772

Dean of Students

University Union West 205, 607-777-2804

Discovery Program

CIW Library, 607-777-5985

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Student Wing 233, 607-777-2791

Decker Student Health Services Center

Infirmary, 607-777-2221

International Student and Scholar Services

Nelson A. Rockefeller Collegiate Center G1, 607-777-2510

Multicultural Resource Center

University Union West 205, 607-777-4472

New Student Programs

C4 101F, 607-777-4986

Off-Campus College

University Union West 205, 607-777-2767

Residential Life

Tuscarora 310, 607-777-2321

Services for Students with Disabilities

University Union 119, 607-777-2686

Office of Student Conduct

O'Connor Hall G10, 607-777-6210

Transfer Student Initiatives

CIW Library 109, 607-777-3868

TRIO (Student Support Services and Upward Bound) and Veterans Programs

Champlain Hall G17, 607-777-2024

University Union

University Union West 205, 607-777-3300

Last Updated: 1/16/14