Upward Bound - Staff

Marty Wygmans
Photo of Marty Wygmans
Project Director for TRiO Programs at Binghamton University
Marty Wygmans oversees the university's Upward Bound, Student Support Services and Veterans Services programs. As part of her duties she writes the grant proposals which fund Upward Bound and Student Support Services. Additionally, she supervises staff, handles budgetary matters, and ensures compliance with federal regulations. Marty also served on the Board of Directors for the Association for Equality and Excellence in Education. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Master of Arts in Agency Counseling.
Nita Baldwin
Photo of Nita Baldwin
Assistant Director and an Academic Counselor
(607) 768-9261
Nita is responsible for coordinating Upward Bound's counseling program and counseling students. She also facilitates the Regents process and supervises student recruitment. In addition, during the Summer Residential Program, she trains and supervises staff, coordinates evening tutoring, and oversees student activities.
Nick Matyas
Photo of Nick Matyas
Academic Counselor
(607) 372-7899
Nick is an Academic Counselor for the Upward Bound Program. Nick is a graduate of Johnson City High School (’06) and Binghamton University (B.A. ’10). Prior to joining the Upward Bound team he worked in the Windsor School District. He has also been involved in many other community service activities in the local area and the Johnson City School District where he continues to serve on the Board of Education. Nick is responsible for advising Upward Bound students during the year in area high schools and facilitating communication between the schools, students, and parents. He also assists in coordinating the tutoring program and Academic Summer Program.
Lori Bailey
Photo of Lori Bailey
Academic Counselor
(607) 321-9760
Lori is an Academic Counselor for Upward Bound. Lori is responsible for counseling Upward Bound students. She helps students acquire relevant information to plan and set academic goals. She meets with students at their school to help promote responsible choices. Lori also assists with students in after school tutoring and in planning the Summer residential program. She is an alumni of Binghamton University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services.
Cindy Kery
Photo of Cindy Kery
Assistant Director for Administrative Services of TRiO Programs at Binghamton University
A former Upward Bound student, she began working part-time for TRiO in 1976. Cindy is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the TRiO Office. This includes student tracking, federal reporting, room reservations and paperwork such as applications, consent forms and stipends. She also handles Veteran Services paperwork. She has a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies and a Master of Arts in Social Science.
Nancy Wiseman
Photo of Nancy Wiseman
Secretary for TRiO Programs at Binghamton University
Nancy provides administrative support for the rest of the TRiO staff. This includes dealing with paperwork, document tracking, and student contact. She also schedules meetings, organizes events and assists with the development of reports required by the U.S. Department of Education.

Last Updated: 2/5/14